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The Michael Jackson Case

Ms. Bremner spent several months covering the Michael Jackson case as a legal analyst and courtroom observer and often briefed the media "pool" as a legal expert.  Her comments were picked up by television stations and print media all over the world – as close as Santa Maria and far away as South Africa, India and Pakistan.

With her experience as both a deputy prosecutor and a defense lawyer, Ms. Bremner was able to offer a balanced analysis of the courtroom proceedings.

Anne Bremner - Michael Jackson trial
Media Pool

Ms. Bremner often briefed the media after her courtroom observation of the trial.  Briefing was done in front of a wall that was referred to as "The Green Monster". These segments were picked up all over the world and included in print and television media. Ms. Bremner appeared regularly on CNN American Morning and on CNN News as their "eyes and ears" in the courtroom in the Michael Jackson case. 

Anne Bremner - Fox News Channel
Fox News Channel

Ms. Bremner has appeared on the Fox News Channel, Big Story Weekend with Rita Cosby, Hannity & Colmes, Fox Dayside and The Big Story with John Gibson and Dayside with Linda Vester.

Anne Bremner - The Daily Show
The Daily Show

 Ms. Bremner had a part in the tongue in cheek piece done by the Daily Show's inimitable Rob Cordry. 

Anne Bremner - Legal Commentary

In what has become known as "Jammie day" in the Michael Jackson trial, Anne reported on the bizarre situation surrounding Michael Jackson's late appearance, the issuance of the arrest warrant, and his subsequent appearance in .... pajamas!

Anne Bremner - Legal Analysis

Anne frequently offered her analysis and commentary for short news segments during the news day, and was able to offer a unique perspective, being one of the few analysts to have been in the courtroom during the proceedings.

Anne Bremner – Women In Law
Washington Law & Politics – "Women In Law – A Special Issue"

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Anne Bremner


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